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Scott and Nichole Salisbury are authentic and genuine; they live what they teach. Their honesty and transparency regarding their marriage and bustling family of children, ranging from a toddler to teenagers, will inspire you to strive for God’s best for your family. They juggle multiple careers, home education, ministry and community involvement, while making their family life their first priority. Scott and Nichole's transparency helps us all realize that although every family has their “stuff," God desires to move in our families, making family a joyful, safe harbor from the stress in our culture.


The Salisburys share great insight on how to strengthen your marriage and family through their personal stories and God’s Word. I highly recommend Scott and Nichole’s ministry for strengthening marriages and families.  They inspire me and will inspire you too!


Don Karpinen

Senior Pastor

Victory Church

Boca Raton, FL

Dear Scott and Nichole,

On behalf of Harvest Church, thank you for coming and ministering to our church family.  Your message in addressing marriage and family is timely and effective in making the message behind Effective Living Ministries, a must for equipping families to live successfully in a fallen world.  You are an inspiration to couples today in the way that you not only "talk the talk, but, walk the walk!"  With an easy way of relating to couples using real life examples, your message brings depth and relevance to families. Not to mention, you always bring it back to God's purpose and design for real people and real families.

Working alongside you in Ministry for the past 20 years has given us the added bonus of watching you live out your message.  It is one thing to hear someone address issues of marriage and family, but to see it in action and to see the fruit in the lives of your family develop over the years, has truly blessed our lives!  Your family is a testament of what intentional parenting is all about.

Nichole has also ministered to our moms at our monthly "Mommy and Me" class with such a natural and comfortable way of relating.  Your message is an encouragement to stay focused on the gift of being a mom while enjoying the process!  As a registered nurse and lactation therapist, our moms not only have the privilege of being ministered to in their "mothering" but also benefit by the professionalism and dedication to all things relevant to mom!

We value the ministry of Effective Living Ministries, not only because of the message given, but because it is a message that is genuinely lived out.  We would recommend the ministry of Effective Living Ministries to any couple or family desiring to raise a strong family unit and to build a happy and healthy marriage.

In His Service,

Pastor Dave and Linda Benedict
Harvest Church

Coconut Creek, Florida

Scott and Nicole are the perfect amount of "his role / her role!"   Their transparency and willingness to share their experiences openly make their already powerful message a HomeRun!  


Next Community Church was so blessed by the powerful word Pastor Scott and Nicole shared with us.  We agree that families are under attack and clearly God has placed a mantle for couples on the Salisburies!   It was fantastic the way each of them shared and it meshed so perfectly. It was a great demonstration of the power of unity, and the power of Gods word alive in a marriage. 


No marriage is safe outside of Gods covering these days and Pastor Scott and Nicole sure validate that thru their scripture based message. This is a message that every Church should be hearing every year!  We at Next Community Church WILL have them back annually as their calendar allows!


Sean LaGasse' Sr.

NEXT Community Church Pastor

Winter Garden, Florida


Pastor Scott and Nicole Salisbury’s marriage class at Victory Church blessed us. They inform, encourage, humor, and inspire the class by discussing their personal love story and using materials that are readily understandable and profoundly spiritual.


They generously reveal their human vulnerabilities to help other couples meet the daily challenges of marriage.  Their class applies the scriptures to imperfect couples, in real-life situations, to help them cultivate joyful marriages and pursue heavenly life.  


We always left class with joy, hope, and love anchored in God's grace.


Skip and Frank Scruggs

Delray Beach, Florida

Having personally known Scott and Nichole Salisbury for over 15 years and worked with them in the home education community, I have had the privilege of observing their lives and interacting personally with them and their children.  During those years I have watched them faithfully invest their lives into students and families, and witnessed many of those lives forever changed. As they continue to pour into families through their ministry, Effective Living, I am excited to see the fruit that will be produced in families across the country.  

Together Scott and Nichole serve their church community, the home education community, and their local city with unquestionable integrity, unmatched faithfulness, and a contagious joy.  Their example of covenant marriage and a Christ-centered family is lived out daily in their own family, and I know they will be used to inspire and transform families.  In a culture where the family is under tremendous attack, Scott and Nichole bring great joy, hope and effective insight for families today!  


Rick and Sue Puchferran

Boca Raton, Florida

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