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Scott and Nichole Salisbury have nearly 20 years of experience resourcing and equipping families. Effective Living's mission is to bring hope, healing, and encouragement to marriages and families. Scott and Nichole recognize that the attack on marriage and family is a real threat. Their desire is to strengthen and revive relationships that are in trouble. Not one of us have it all together, but when we learn to navigate life's journey effectively, we discover our Christ-centered destination.


Scott and Nichole live in Boca Raton with their 4 kids (teens to toddlers) and continue to faithfully serve at their home church. Scott has served as a Pastor with his wife by his side for nearly 20 years, with 15 of those years dedicated to pouring into teenagers and young adults. Scott and Nichole have dedicated the last 5 years to inspire individuals, couples and families in their various walks of life.

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